National Service Member Spotlight

AmeriCorps Senior Corps
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National Service participants (AmeriCorps and Senior Corps) are recognized through social media to highlight the great work they do to address local challenges and expand opportunities across the state.  

Eligible nominees have served at least three months in a National Service Program; are currently serving or completed their service within the past 90 days; have made significant contributions to address community issues; actively promote service within their community; and, are involved in volunteering outside their assigned service duties.

Nominator Information
Nominee Information
Participant must be currently serving (and completed at least three months) or finished their service within the past 90 days.
AmeriCorps member terms have specific end dates; Senior Corps terms do not. If nominating a Senior Corps member that is approaching "retirement", please include an estimated end of service date. This information is used to help schedule the Spotlight recognition.
Enter numerals only
Enter numerals only
If nominating a team, include the e-mail address for the team's main contact person.
Provide short narrative descriptions for the following questions. Answers should provide evidence for why this nominee deserves the National Service Member Spotlight recognition.
If known, please explain the nominee's future educational or career plans. Have they expressed an interest in continuing to serve their community?

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