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  1. Bringing members over from OnCorps from the previous year. 
    1. This is a simple process.  Go to TOOLS>COPY PROGRAM RECORDS.  Start by reading the information and then watch the video tutorial.  The tutorial will walk you through the process.
    2. Once you bring the selected members over you will need to go into the MEMBER PROFILE and reset:
      1. START DATE
      2. END DATE
      3. EXIT DATE
    3. Member logins and passwords do not need to be recreated.
  2. Time sheets need to be completely recreated.  Make sure you add extra months if you believe there might be a chance that you’ll request a no-cost grant extension.  There are two steps (both are available under TOOLS>ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS):
    1. Timesheet Dates - If you need different date ranges for your time sheets, please reach out to the OnCorps help desk for assistance.
    2. Timesheet Set up – you’ll need to choose from STANDARD, HYBRID or ENHANCED time sheets. 
    3. Overview of time sheet set up - https://secure.oncorpsreports.com/pdfs/OCRHelp_New_Timesheet_SetUp.pdf
    4. Remember: if use the subcategories feature in the time sheets, changes during the grant year are limited.  Please be thoughtful when selecting category names.
    5. If you select the option to provide your members a description box for each day (Enhanced and Hybrid time sheet option), please plan to provide training on appropriate information to be included in the text boxes.  This will require additional monitoring at the site and program level.
    6. If you select the option to automatically round to the nearest quarter hour, please make certain that when you exit members you continue to round down when certifying member hours in eGrants.
  3. Setting up Logins and Temporary passwords for site supervisors and members.  We would suggest that you keep a spreadsheet of logins and passwords, and that you establish a pattern for logins and passwords for the ease troubleshooting.  You could even give everyone the same temporary password.
  4. Setting up members (new and old) and site supervisors in OnCorps.  Before you can add members and site supervisors in OnCorps you must set up service sites.
    1. You need to know the site name, email, full address and phone to set the site up.
    2. To set up a site supervisor, you’ll need the first and last name, the service site, full address and phone.  Then you’ll set the login and password.  Please enter this supervisor approval language: By clicking submit, the member certifies that the time reported as program service, training and fundraising hours are true and correct and did not include any service activities prohibited by law, regulation or grant provisions.  Further the member understands that a knowing and willful false statement on this form can be punished under federal law (Section 1001 of Title 18, USC).
    3. To set up a new member, go to the Member Profile (MANAGE RECORDS> MEMBERS>ADD A NEW AMERICORPS MEMBER).  Add information in all the areas that have a red asterisk.  Additionally, the area entitled “STATUS”.  If you do not change that area from blank to ENROLLED, members will not be able to login to OnCorps.  The areas in the Member Profile are optional.   If you choose to use the Accompaniment option, member
  5. Make certain that you provide site supervisors and members with a link to the new years’ time sheets or to the main Iowa OnCorps page https://ia.oncorpsreports.com/.  People cannot get to new time sheets with a link to last years’ time sheets. 

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