Employer Volunteer Initiative

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, 34.7 percent of Iowans volunteer. The Employer Volunteer Initiative is a new effort by Volunteer Iowa to increase that number through engagement with employers. We want to work with businesses to support employee volunteer programs and recognize employers already making a difference in Iowa.

Why Should Employees Volunteer?
Here’s what we know. We know that people are more likely to volunteer when asked. We know that it’s most effective to meet people where they already are to make that ask. From an engagement perspective, places of employment are perfect environments to encourage and support volunteering.Volunteering not only has a significant impact on meeting community needs, it also has an impact on business’ bottom line.

From a business perspective, employer supported volunteering leads to improved employee engagement, organizational commitment, job satisfaction and retention (MGSM, 2013).  Those are outcomes an employer should pay attention to. In an economy with 5.5% unemployment, employees have more options. The Volunteer IMPACT Survey published by Deloitte shows that “78% of employees would rather work for an ethical and reputable company than receive a higher salary, so companies have a vested interest in building a corporate volunteerism program that works” (jkgroup, 2015).

How can Employers Participate?

“As the Governor and I look to increase employer volunteerism in Iowa, we are asking for your support. We believe Iowa should strive to be # 1 in volunteering. Service is such a key ingredient for meeting Iowa’s goals for education, job creation, and health.”  Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, Honorary Chair

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